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Directed by Ana Teixeira and Stephane Brodt, the Amok Theatre is dedicated to continuous research about acting and staging possibilities. Since its foundation in 1998, for its plays, the Group has been awarded the most important Brazilian theatre prizes and received great recognition from the critics and public alike. Besides the plays, the Amok Theatre develops intense pedagogic activity with emphasis on actor training, and, at its headquarters, Casa do Amok, it maintains projects for research, training and exchange, supporting the work of groups and artists from different segments.

Amok’s work is characterised by the pursuit of a formal rigour and by an intensity that the actor's body affirms as being the place in which theatre takes place. Every new project drives the group to seek different research paths and training based on dialogue with different traditions and cultures. Amok Theatre plays deal with contemporary themes without losing sight of the pursuit for poetic language and affirmation of the scene as a ceremonial space. Each Amok project is a field open to scenic language research, the search for new paths for the actor and dialogue with the fundamental issues of our time.

Creation and training are very closely related in Amok works. Since the opening of the headquarters in 2004, the Group’s workshops receive actors from various regions of the country. Casa do Amok was configured as a space for creation and training, where the life of the company and actor training are profoundly linked.


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