The Workshop seeks to develop the dramatic expression of the actor through a training that articulates technique and improvisation. The training includes physical work (supported by the fundamental principles of E. Decroux* corporal mime), voice work and the development of sensibility to the theatrical movement and composition. The physical and vocal work comprise exercises that lead the actor to explore and master the expressive possibilities of his body and voice, without losing sight of the theatrical game, implying his whole organism, imagination and emotion.

The improvisation integrates everything that comprises the theatrical movement: the states of body, thought and emotion that are revealed to the actor and he shares with the public. The improvisation work allows permanent confrontation of the technique with the challenges of creation and search for a live communicative form. It develops the notion of acting, rhythm, the relation with space, with others and with objects.

The training is a permanent learning process for the actor, which is aimed at modifying his quotidian mood to one that is creative, placing thought and emotion in relation to the body,. 

* Etienne Decroux’s corporal mime is the detailed, systematic study of movement and gesture. The exercises aim at knowledge of the organs of  expression of the human body, control of the joints, the rhythm and tensioning of the musculature.


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