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O Carrasco is a creation of the Amok Theatre, inspired by the novel of the same name by the Swedish writer, Pär Lagerkvist. The book was the starting point on a path that has led us to approach different authors and to compose a play based on works by Lagerkvist himself, Ingmar Bergman and Jean Genet.

Oscillating from a remote past to nowadays, in the ambivalence between Good and Evil, the play is divided into four independent scenes that centre around the Hangman. Provoked or exalted, this solitary character, on which weighs the blood of the millennia, is persecuted by his torments. His reaction is a plunge into the central question of Lagerkvist’s work: What is the meaning of life, if, when we interrogate, God does not answer?

The play made its debut in 2001, and received the Rio de Janeiro State  Government Prize for Best Play, besides nominations for Best Direction for Ana Teixeira, and for the special category, Make-up and Costumes, Stephane Brodt.

For the Shell Theatre Awards, Renata Collaço received a nomination for Best Actress, and Stephane Brodt for the special category, Make-up.

"Pesa sobre mim o sangue dos milênios. Gritam em mim, vozes que ninguém nunca imaginou.”
Pär Lagerkvist 

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