THE Dragon
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in times of war


The play, O Dragão is a creation on the theme of war, based on real facts and statements. The initial research led us to various regions, until we reached the tragic conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. In this small territory in the heart of the Middle East, a war is being waged that has become emblematic for many others. From this delicate situation, we seek to reflect on our sombre times.

Through the eyes of four characters - two Palestinians and two Israelis – we expose the intimacy of the pain inflicted by war. In order to make characters emerge, we wanted to break from the distant vision of the media and the analysis of the specialists, who present us the facts. By questioning the reality through which they see and feel, we make voices heard that few listen to.

We propose looking at this complex situation between Israelis and Palestinians, without any hierarchy, without any classification. What we bring into play are witnesses of destinies confiscated by the horror. We seek to reveal the interior of the persons in this common experience of pain, where the differences do not  separate any more, but simply distinguish and reconnect us. O Dragão is a play about the dialogue and peace; about the possibility of finding real humanity behind the cruelty and violence.

The play made its debut in 2008, and Stephane Brodt was nominated for the Quem Best Actor Prize, and Fabiana de Mello e Souza for Best Actress Prize.


"Two dreams can move freely under the same sky?"
Mahmoud Darwich


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