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in times of war


Kabul”, is a delve into an Afghanistan traumatized by 20 years of war and succumbed to the tyrrany of fundamentalists. The play presents four characters in search of dignity and humanity, for decades, confiscated by violence. It's four faces of the war, four portraits of Afghanistan seen from inside houses, behind curtains and under veils.

One particular event served as the starting point for creation of a fictional spectacular: a image captured on a video in november 1999, shows a woman, covered in a blue tchador being publicly executed in a Kabul stadium. This image, captured on a mobile phone video, travelled the whole world, revealing an act as cruel as it was morally and geographically distant.

We decided to dive upon that image, and even going beyond. Who was that woman under the tchador? How was her face? What was her story? Lifting the veil... 
What Amok Teatro tells in “Kabul”, could well be that woman’s story.

“Kabul” is the second part of the “War Trilogy”, an artistic trajectory that includes the plays “The Dragon” and “Family Stories”. In this trilogy, the Amok Teatro presents three independent plays, fruits of the same trajectory that reflect the desire to establish a dialogue with the present time, with its violence, and to see, behind the cruelty and the pain, a real humanity.

This creation, received the APTR (Theatrical Producers Association of Rio de Janeiro) in the special category and the Funarte Award Myriam Muniz - 2009.

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