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In Macbeth, Shakespeare knew better than any other author how to present a great theatrical challenge: to make the presence of the invisible sensitive. In this tragedy, the intervention of ghosts and spirits dominates all the action. No other dramatic work has succeeded so well in appropriating the theme of the night. It is the nocturn of Man, prisoner of his desires, driven to crime, to desperation, and the consciousness of his fall.

The Macbeth of the Amok Teatro is an adaptation of the Shakespearean script. We preserve the essential lines of the original play and the richness of its language, concentrating all the attention on the characters. In this staging, we neither want to reconstitute the historical and geographical context of the play nor do we create a modern one. We seek to create an imaginary Scotland, devised from the confluence of diverse cultures. What we place in focus is Man, irrespective of historical period or culture.

The play made its debut in 2004, and received a nomination for the Shell Prize for Best Costumes.


Everything in this story is sombre, where we can feel the overwhelming power of the supernatural world."
Gordon Craig


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