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Savina is a creation inspired by a set of works by the gypsy writer, Mateo Maximoff. The proposition of the play is to provide an insight into the world of the gypsies, their ethics, culture and peculiar way of life.

We seek to make a poetic journey through the universe of the Rrom community, constantly combating  the clichés and exotism. The gyspsies have no homeland or borders, but they are united by language: Romane. It was on this,  with its musicality and nuances, that we constructed the characters of the play.

Savina is the tale of the love story between two young people, promised in marriage even before their birth, that ends up in tragedy, caused by refusal to keep to the word.

The play made its debut in 2006, and Stephane Brodt received a nomination for the Shell Prize for Best Costumes.


"I am proud to belong to a people who have never declared war, because we, the gypsies, have never had a need for a territory. We neither eliminate nor push other populations into installing us in their territory."
Mateo Maximoff


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