In 2002, the Amok Theatre was awarded the Rio de Janeiro State Government prize for the play, O Carrasco (The Hangman). With the proceeds, the group bought an old house in Rua das Palmeiras in Botafogo to act as its headquarters.

For a theatre company, having its own space means a guarantee of its permanence, the continuity of its work. The space is for the actor what the instrument is for the musician, or the canvas for the painter: it is the artifice on which his/her expression can appear. Furthermore, having one’s own headquarters means experimentation, training, research, enjoying total artistic independence.

Casa do Amok provides the daily workspace for the group's rehearsals, training and research, besides the workshops for professionals and students of the scenic arts. Besides, the Goup's activities, Casa do Amok is also a space for exchange where it is possible to experiment, observe and become acquainted with different pedagogic and artistic approaches. Since 2004, the headquarters has also maintained an open program of workshops, work displays and encounters with national and international artists of recognised merit.

Casa do Amok, characterised by being an intercultural space, seeks indissociability between training and creative practice, understanding that the field of action of the scenic arts is not limited to presenting plays. It can be seen as a permanent laboratory where the paths and directions of artistic creation are investigated.


The house was built in 1879, in the Botafogo district. Its first restoration took place around 1905. From then until the 70s, it was used as a residence and not altered. After that period, it was left empty, abandoned, for around 30 years, suffering deterioration. Finally, in 2002, restoration work was begun. The original facade of the house was preserved and the interior transformed into a multipurpose space. In March 2003, the Amok Theater inaugurated the Casa do Amok.


Casa do Amok has already programmed:

  • Alejandro Tomas Rodrigues: Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards - Argentina / Italy
  • Alejandra Ciurlante: Worshop for Actors - Argentina
  • Ana Cristina Colla: The Multifaceted Body - Lume Theater /Campinas – Brazil
  • Ana Teixeira: Training-Improvisation – Amok Teatro - Brazil
  • Carlos Simioni: The Body of the Voice - Lume Theater / Campinas - Brazil
  • Dimitris Delis: Greek Dances – Greece
  • Eros Galvão: Cia. Les Trois Clés Workshop - France / Brazil
  • Fabiana de Mello e Souza: The Actor, His Puppet and His Manipulator - Brazil
  • Fernando Montes and Gabriela Amado: Teatro Varassanta - The Body of the Organicity – Colombia
  • Fleur Barragan: Circular Dances - South Africa
  • François Khan: The Silence - In Memoriam - France
  • Frederico Araújo: Cangaço / Video-installation - Brazil
  • Fulni-Ô and X'Maya Kaka Fulni Ô: Healing Circle
  • Henning Von Vangerow: Taketina - Alemanha
  • Hugo Moss: Michail Chekhov Training - Ireland / Brazil
  • Jadranka Andjelic: Dah Theater / Belgrade - Serbia
  • Juliana Carneiro Da Cunha: Théâtre du Soleil - Brazil / France Michele
  • Julio Adrião: Solo Physical Narrative - Brazil
  • Karina Schelde: Soul Voice - USA
  • Lenard Petit: Michael Chekhov - USA
  • Luis Torreão – Cia. HippocampBrasil/França
  • Márcia Moraes: Rasa Boxes - Brazil / USA
  • Marcus Borja: Theatrical Techniques by Jacques Lecoq à Arianne Mnouchkine - Brazil / France
  • Michele Minnick: Rasa Boxes - Becoming a Heart Athlete - USA
  • Miwa Yanagizawa: Workshop for Actors - Brazil
  • Nina Little: Contact - Improvisation - USA
  • Rio Multicultural of Peace Dances: national and international guests
  • Roberta Carreri: The Dance of Intentions - ODIN Teatret - Italy / Denmark
  • Sebastien Loesener Janaina Tulpan: Plattform 88 - France
  • Soraya Jorge: CIMA - Authentic Movement - Brazil
  • Sotiris Karamesinis: Tranceacting - Greece
  • Stephane Brodt: Improvisation with Balinese Mask; From Actor to Character - Brazil / France
  • Steven Ditmyer: Meisner Intensive Workshop - USA
  • Vinícius Arneiro: Independent Theater - Brazil