From the actor to the character

Improvisation with a balinese mask with Stephane Brodt

The work with Balinese mask is based on improvisation. The mask is an essential training instrument for the actor. In this workshop the traditional mask is used as a tool that allows the actor to understand the ways that lead to a character. The rules that apply to this theatrical form invite the actor to enter an empty scene, his only resources being his body, his imagination and emotion. Its improvised mode breaks away from the naturalist, psychological interpretation and develops the imagination, scenic presence and physical engagement of the actor. 

The work inlcudes the improvisation without a mask (work on the principles of the narration and development of the verbal imagination) and the improvisation with a mask in the space (preparation of scenes based on a general theme, work on the “entrances” and construction of the empty space). 

The physical precision, the simplicity and sincerity of the action with masks, prepare the actor to deal with any theatrical form.