Kindzu has its starting point at the book "Sleepwalking Land" from the Mozambican writer, Mia Couto. The Amok Theater plunges into the twelve notebooks that compose Kindzu's diary and trace the path of narratives, establishing with the text a creative dialogue. Throughout this process, a new narrative has been constructed. The trajectory of Kindzu and his companions found an identity of their own in the stage, but they did not distance themselves from the writing of Mia Couto, his poetic richness and his images, anchored in African oral culture.

The show tells the story of the young Kindzu. In order to escape the atrocities of a devastating civil war, this young boy leaves his village and begins an initiatory journey. In it, he encounters other fugitives, refugees, and characters full of humanity that will show him another perspective on his life and country, anchored in the traditional culture of Southeast Africa as well as in  the laws of surviving in the dark times of civil war.

Moving from story to action and from word to song, with Kindzu, the  Amok Teatro  approaches the fantastic and explores the Portuguese language, in different sonorities. In Kindzu, music, literature and theater merge into a unique and inseparable expression.

Kindzu is part of an artistic trajectory started with "Salina (The Last Vertebra)", in which the group investigates the narrative forms, inspired by the artcraft of  traditional African storytelling.

Passando do conto à ação e da palavra ao canto, o espetáculo propõe uma incursão na guerra de independência do Moçambique para explorar a natureza humana e a necessidade de reconstruir a vida e a memória.  Kindzu é parte de uma trajetória iniciada com o projeto Salina (A Última vértebra) na qual o grupo investiga as formas narrativas, com inspiração em tradições de matriz africana.

Kindzu debuted in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and has received the 8º Válvula de Escape/Olhares da Cena Prize of best actor (Thiago Catarino) e best supporting actress (Graciana Valladares), besides the following nominatons: Shell's  Prize -  best direction (Ana Teixeira and Stephane Brodt), actor (Thiago Catarino), music (Stéphane Brodt and actors), Cesgranrio Prize for best direction and best performance , Best Actress (Graciana Valladares), supporting actress (Luciana Lopes), author (Ana Teixeira and Stpehane Brodt for the adaptation of the text) and APTR Award for best supporting actress (Luciana Lopes), best supporting actor ( Gustavo Damasceno), best supporting actor (Stephane Brodt) and best music (Stephane Brodt).


Text creation of Ana Teixeira and Stephane Brodt from the book "sleepwalking land" by MIA COUTO.
Direction, scenery and costumes Ana Teixeira and Stéphane Brodt
Farida Graciana Valladares
Romão Pinto Gustavo Damasceno
Mãe, Juliana and Tia Euzinha Luciana Lopes
Taimo and Quintinho Sergio Loureiro
Kindzu Thiago Catarino
Asma and D. Virginia Vanessa Dias
Surenda Stephane Brodt
Assistant diretor Sandra Alencar
Light design Renato Machado
Music direction Stéphane Brodt
Music (creation and interpretation) The cast
Seamstress Maria das Graças Valladares de Souza
Scenario technicians Beto de Almeida
Graphic Designer Paulo Lima
Production Amok Teatro e Eureka Ideias/Sonia Dantas